Master vend client

Kerrie has worked with Neuven for several years and has been an absolute pleasure to liaise with. She’s very thorough, her communication skills are second to none and she helps as much as she can wherever she can.

She truly cares for her candidates and clients and it shows not only in her work ethic, but her spirit in delivering and transporting her candidates onto shift when needed and monitoring her bookings closely to make sure her candidates are only booked for what they are comfortable with. She truly enjoys what she does, and it has radiated throughout the years she has worked with me.

We have supported each other professionally, establishing and maintaining client relationships and providing a very high standard of service together, but also supporting each other in our job roles and guided each other through processes and ways of working that are still implemented today.

Kerrie’s strengths are her candidates, her ability to multitask very effectively, communicate, organization and effectiveness as a bookings consultant. Kerrie has never let a home down and has consistently maintained block bookings and consistency in the homes she supports. She is an exceptional consultant and has fabulous attitude that you can trust, nothing is ever too much for Kerrie.

I have found when booking with Kerrie, she doesn’t book candidates that do not exist, she does not name change unless it’s the absolute last resort, and very rarely makes a cancellation. She is one of those individuals you only dream of working with, which is why it is such a pleasure to work alongside her and support each other when homes are desperate for cover.

Seguro Recruitment has flourished with Neuven, not only because the homes have a very strong, cemented relationship with Kerrie, but also because her candidates have an untold, silent but strong respect for Kerrie. As she goes above and beyond for the homes and candidates, her candidates reciprocate this and as such, deliver a high standard of service and work to the homes they enter into.

As mentioned, Kerrie is happy to go the extra mile to ensure all homes are covered, everyone is updated and she is a pleasure to work with.

I would recommend Kerrie to any organization looking for another agency, to book through Kerrie’s agency Seguro Recruitment, they would find her candidates of the highest quality, kindness and thoroughness and they would find Kerrie will be available night or day.

Seguro Recruitment will remain a very strong part of fulfilment and I will continue to support Kerrie and the company where I can, I am aware of the quality of candidates and I feel Kerrie is an asset to any client as a provider. I regularly receive excellent feedback for Kerrie and her candidates from the homes, as you may be aware this can be quite tricky to come by in this industry but Kerrie and her candidates have a humble presence within the homes and the home have confidence in working with her in every aspect.

I feel Kerrie’s contribution to your company will be nothing but positive, smooth and valuable.


Registered Manager

I have recently been introduced to Seguro and found them to be a really great agency staff provider. They are super reliable and have provided us with extremely professional, caring and hardworking staff.

Each staff member has slotted straight in with our own colleagues and worked just as hard as them. Senior care staff have been amazing, extremely knowledgeable and professional, completing all tasks in the same manner as my own staff would.

Short turn around has been a specialty, always willing and happy to accommodate. 9 times out of 10 they succeed in filling the shift. Amazing.

Kerrie herself extremely personable, clear communication and very reassuring. She has listened attentively to all feedback and responded professionally and responsibly.


Team leader

Thanks so much for your support lately and for the lovely staff we have had on shift with us.

Specifically, Cecelia, Kingsley and Bonaventura have been so caring and kind to our residents.

We would not hesitate to book them again for future shifts.


Childrens home manager

I feel that from day one our company developed a great working relationship with Seguro they were both professional and compassionate. I appreciate all their attention to detail in providing the best agency cover to support and they match this up well to suit different needs.

I always feel that Seguro always asked for honest feedback and received any form of feedback and are always looking at ways to help their clients. I have always found communication amazing, and they always are quick to help support the company in the best way.

Great service provided and amazing staff. The main thing that makes Seguro stand out as a company is the attention to detail and personal touch they provide for all with little gestures such as bringing staff chocolates at Christmas time I would definitely recommended this company.